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Lip Seal

This is a seal for sheet metal covers and more or less can handle curved surfaces.


Over the years, machine tools and industrial machines have become multifunctional and faster, and in order to improve the performance of the sliding portion seals used on steel plate covers, we have developed special wipers called lip seals. The ability of these seals to stick close to the sliding bed is second to none, and they are also extremely effective at scraping.

Unsurpassed seal function︰Even if the sliding bed metal plate has some curvature, these seals maintain complete contact and do not miss even the smallest shavings. Also, there is no coolant leakage, which prevents conduction and protects your electrical system.
Long-lasting stable seal︰With conventional seals, because the rubber blade is cut and attached to the steel plate, it sometimes curls or does not maintain complete contact with the sliding bed, so some shavings, etc. are missed. With lip seals, this situation is improved dramatically. Due to the effectiveness of this breakthrough design, our lip seals are able to provide long-lasting, stable performance.
Superior resistance to oil and abrasion︰These seals utilize synthetic rubber that is highly resistant to oil and abrasion. The rubber lip portion is long-lasting and maintains constant pressure on the metal surface of the sliding bed.

LP-25(LP-10) LP-22ST LP-21SS(LP-16SS)
LP-25(LP-10) LP-22ST LP-21SS(LP-16SS)
Type (LP-10) (LP-25) (LP-22ST) (LP-22ST-1200) (LP-16SS) (LP-16SS-1200) (LP-21SS) (LP-21SS-1200)>


Type Product number Overall length(mm)※1 W(mm) B(mm) L(mm) T(mm) P(mm)
LP LP-10 300 12.2 3.8 8.2 2 5
LP LP-25 700 31.5 7.7 25 2 10
LP LP-22ST 600 28.5 11.3 18.5 3 13
LP LP-22ST-1200 1,200 28.5 11.3 18.5 3 13
LP LP-16SS 700 27 16.4 13.5 3 20
LP LP-16SS-1200 1,200 27 16.4 13.5 3 20
LP LP-21SS 700 32 16.4 17.5 3 20
LP LP-21SS-1200 1,200 32 16.4 17.5 3 20

※The back of the reinforcing plate is painted black.

High-speed compatible lip seal GW-LPV1


High-speed running testSlide resistance
High-speed running testSlide resistance
Type Shape(GW-LPV1)


Type Product number Overall length(mm) W(mm) B(mm) L(mm) T(mm) P(mm)
GW GW-LPV1 1000 30 9.5 18 3 14.2

※.1. GWタイプは、定尺素材販売品ではありません。加工につきましては弊社にお問い合わせください。
※2. 製品の仕様は改良などにより予告なしに変更することがあります。