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Air Filter

TNF utilizes its specialized technology and self invented air filter to create SUPER CLEAN SPACE, which satisfies the demand from the leading edge of technology under the era of bio-industries and electronic industries.In order to provide our customers highly reliable air filter, TNF operates a strict quality control system from research and development of air filter‘s materials to production.


Intelimer Tape

It is a new type of functional adhesive tape that controls the strength of adhesion and peeling to handle changes in temperature.


Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts

As time passed, market needs changed step by step from quicker and greater conveyance to more precise conveyance. Nitta develops various types of belts for high functions and added values to fill such needs. In order to meet this generation`s market demands for faster, larger volume and more precise conveyance, Nitta has developed a variety of high-function, added-value belts to fill the need.


Industrial Wiper and Molded Rubber Products

Nitta develops highly value-added rubber products that respond to various desires in the industrial machinery sector, where industrial machinery is becoming more sophisticated in performance and functions.


Tubings and Fittings

Nitta’s line of tubing comes in inch and metric versions, with types including polyurethane, nylon, polyolefin, fluorocarbon, and flame-resistant. Fitting options are Push-One, Chemifit (for ultrapure applications), QuickSeal, and QDC.


Sonic Tension Meter U-507

Analyzes belt tension with no contact by analyzing acoustic wave.Our innovative tension meter has been further upgraded.